Cyngor Cymuned De

                                Maelor South

                                                                   Community Council

These minutes will be confirmed by members as a true record at the next meeting.

Council Agenda and Minutes



December 17 minutes.pdf

Minutes November 17.pdf

Minutes, October 17 .pdf

Agenda, November 17(1).pdf

Minutes, September 17 .pdf

Agenda, October 17.pdf

Minutes July 4th 17.pdf

Agenda, September 17 .pdf

Minutes, June 17.pdf

Agenda, July 17.pdf

Minutes May 17.pdf

May 2016 AGM minutes.pdf

Agenda, June 17.pdf

Minutes April 2017.pdf

Agenda, may 17.pdf

May 2017 AGM Agenda.pdf

Minutes March 2017.pdf

Agenda April 2017.pdf

Minutes February 2017.pdf

Agenda March 2017.pdf

Minutes January 2017.pdf

Agenda February 2017.docx

Minutes December 2016.pdf

Agenda January 2017.pdf

Minutes November 2016.pdf

Agenda December 2016.pdf

Minutes October 2016.pdf

Agenda November 2016.pdf

Minutes September 2016.pdf

Agenda October 2016.pdf

Minutes July 2016.pdf

Agenda September 2016.pdf

Minutes June 2016.pdf

Agenda July 2016.pdf

Agenda June 2016.pdf

Minutes April 2016.pdf

Agenda AGM 2016.pdf

Agenda May 2016.pdf

Minutes March 2016.pdf

Agenda April 2016.pdf

Minutes February 2016.pdf

Agenda March 2016.pdf

Minutes January 2016.pdf

Agenda February 2016.pdf

Minutes December 2015.pdf

Agenda January 2016.pdf

Minutes November 2015.pdf

Agenda December 2015.pdf

Minutes October 2015.pdf

Agenda November 2015.pdf

Minutes September 2015.pdf

Agenda October 2015.pdf

Minutes July 2015.pdf

Agenda September 2015.pdf

Minutes June 2015.pdf

Agenda July 2015.pdf

Minutes AGM 2015.pdf

Minutes May 2015.pdf

Agenda June 2015.pdf

Minutes April 2015.pdf

Agenda AGM 2015.pdf

Agenda May 2015.pdf

Minutes March 2015

Agenda April 2015

Minutes February 2015

Agenda March 2015

Minutes January 2015

Agenda February 2015